PNCMI2012 in Saclay

There were two proposals for the organisation of the PNCMI2012:

Selection of the location of the PNCMI2012

At the PNCMI in Delft we had a meeting Wednesday 7 July at 16.00 at the beginning of the poster session with only one representative off the institutes to decide on the next site. After an intense discussion it was first decided to have the next PNCMI in two years time in 2012. Then the decision was made to have it in Saclay.


Both ANSTO, Australia and ISIS, UK have expressed their interest to organise the PNCMI2014. Ansto has its proposal ready.

Locations earlier PNCMI's

1996   Dubna
1998 Grenoble
2000 Gatchina
2002 Jülich
2004 Washington DC
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